offers an easy–to–use site creation tool which you can use to craft your site with no need of having to pen even a single line of programming code. It is extremely simple, with a pretty conventional user interface. The site creation tool features quite a lot of exceptional templates which are perfect for a variety of site projects, and every site theme offers a number of color and layout setups. And to top it all off, all website templates are responsive and work perfecty across all device types.

The site creation tool is present with all shared hosting, VPS servers, semi-dedicated servers, and dedicated servers plans, if you chose the Web Control Panel.

A simple–to–use site creation tool

No coding experience is required

The main advantage of the’s site creation tool is that it is really plain to use. It functions with layout components which you can add, edit and move around the way you like. If you want, you could insert images and videos, launch a blog, or install a photo gallery on your site, all with a click.

You can do everything and design a cool site without ever having to type a line of HTML, CSS, etc.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

An array of easy to re–design site templates

Modern–looking site themes that look perfect on every type of device

No matter what type of site you choose to set up, the’s site creation tool will have a solution for you. It features a large library of zero–cost site templates that are suitable for any type of websites – personal pages, e–commerce stores, community boards, and so on.

To make your websites even more distinctive from the very start you can make use of the range of unique design layouts and color setups present along with each site theme. Plus, every site template offers in–built support for more than a hundred web fonts which you can change with a click. Plus, you will have full access to a large library of pre–made photos.

Should you choose to change your template at some moment, all personalizations you’ve made will be carried over to the new website template as well.

An array of easy to re–design site templates

Built–in help desk and how–to video tutorials

Watch exactly how quick it indeed is to launch an online presence

The’s site creation tool is equipped with a Help Center which includes informative how–to articles and videos influenced by the most regularly asked questions by users.

You’ll be able to discover how to edit your template and create an all new web page. Besides, you’ll check out exactly how you can select another site theme or perhaps embed an e–shop onto your website.

And don’t forget, you can get in touch with us 24/7/365 should you require prompt help with your website.

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